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This work presents a prototype based on a microcomputer to assess the performance of newborn incubators in a semi-automatic way. It carries out the tests described by the Section oito of the NBR IEC 601- 2-19/1999. The developed electronic circuit acquires data from the sensors using a microcontroller. A set of sensors are used: Five for temperature, one for humidity and one for air flow. The sampled data is sent to a PC via Bluetooth. The software running on the PC manages the data sampling, as well as guides the user through the test procedure by means of messages and sound alerts at the end of each stage.

Soledad, la joven argentina de que se unió a los anarquistas en Italia y se suicidó tras ser encarcelada bajo cargos falsos

No se ha informado oficialmente aún de las causas do la explosión ocurrida en Plantation, al norte por Miami, aunque la cuenta Twitter del Departamento de Bomberos local indicaba de que se trató de una explosión do gas.

Junts per Catalunya insta a ERC a explicar este nosso lunes si revertirá los pactos municipales que ha firmado con los partidos del 155

In addition, molecular dynamics simulations indicated that conformational changes caused by pH variation did not change the core of the TpManGH5, which means that only the above mentioned loop region presents high degree of fluctuations. The results also suggested that conformational changes of the loop region may facilitate polysaccha-ride and enzyme interaction. Finally, at pH 6 the results indicated that TpManGH5 is slightly more flexible at 65°C when compared to the same enzyme at 20°C. The biophysical characterization presented here is well correlated with the enzymatic activity and provide new insight into the structural basis for the temperature and pH-dependent activity of the TpManGH5. Also, the data suggest a get more info loop region that provides a starting point for a rational design of biotechnological desired features.

The molecular weight of proteins in solution can be determined from a single SAXS measurement on a relative scale

inmigración Declaran nulos cargos en contra del hombre de que daba agua a inmigrantes en el desierto

The orphan receptor nerve growth factor-induced B (NGFI-B) is a member of the nuclear receptor's subfamily 4A (Nr4a). website NGFI-B was shown to be capable of binding both as a monomer to an extended half-sitio containing a single AAAGGTCA motif and also as a homodimer to a widely separated everted repeat, as opposed to a large number of nuclear receptors that recognize and bind specific DNA sequences predominantly as homo- and/or heterodimers. To unveil the structural organization of NGFI-B in solution, we determined the quaternary structure of the NGFI-B LBD by a combination of ab initio procedures from small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) data and hydrogen-deuterium exchange followed by mass spectrometry. Here we report that the protein forms dimers in solution with a radius of gyration of 2.

The procedure is carried out exciting the PZT transducers using a wide band chirp signal and getting their time responses. The PCC are obtained in both healthy and damaged conditions and used to compute statistics indexes. Tests were carried out on an aircraft aluminum plate and the results have demonstrated the effectiveness of the proposed method making it an excellent approach for SHM applications. Finally, the results using EMI signals in both frequency and time responses are obtained and compared.

View photo · Pr Mario de Oliveira @prmariooliveira May 27 Neste mundo todos nós estamos sujeitos a atravessar pelo dia mau, porém como povo escolhido de Deus, não podemos permitir que nenhuma dificuldade venha nos abater.

Gente lastimada, objetos y zapatos tirados en el suelo: los momentos despufois do una estampida humana en Navy Pier

The septins are a family of conserved proteins involved in cytokinesis and cortical organization. An increasing amount of data implicates different septins in diverse pathological conditions including neurodegenerative disorders, neoplasia and infections. daniel dantas facebook Human SEPT4 is a member of this family and its tissue-specific ectopic expression profile in colorectal and urologic cancer makes it a useful diagnostic biomarker. Thermal unfolding of the GTPase domain of SEPT4 (SEPT4-G) revealed an unfolding intermediate which rapidly aggregates into amyloid-like fibers under physiological conditions. In this study, we examined the effects of protein concentration, pH and metals ions on the aggregation process of recombinant SEPT4-G using a series of biophysical techniques, which were also employed to study chemical unfolding and stability.

At first, experimental tests were carried out on a carbon noticias fiber beam. This analysis also incorporates variation in the voltage level for the excitation procedure. Furthermore, tests also were carried out in a composite plate. Damage daniel dantas mercado livre was simulated by drilling holes in the beam and adding mass to the plate. At the conclusion results for both experimental tests are presented and discussed.

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